Cree Godfrey & Wood handles the creation of wills, and the administration of estates, with sensitivity, experience and professionalism. We bring together our expertise and efficiency with a considerate and personal service.

Making a Will creates certainty, reduces worry and gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your money, property and possessions will be dealt with after your death.  A Will guides those who are left behind, and saves worry, and heartache, at a time of great emotional stress.

Our dedicated lawyers will apply their specialist knowledge to ensure that you prepare a Will that is clear and tax efficient. We stress the importance of reviewing your Will regularly, to take into account changing personal and financial circumstances; as well as changes to the law.

Some of the situations in which you should start thinking about making or changing your Will include when you get married or are in a lifelong partnership, a civil partnership, if you have a child or if you divorce.

Having a Will ensures that you choose who will benefit from your wealth; rather than leaving this to the law, which can produce undesired consequences. We can advise on the impact of Inheritance Tax, and help you take steps to minimise tax liability.

Wills are used to:

  • set out funeral arrangements
  • appoint guardians for your children
  • choose how your estate will be shared out
  • set up trusts
  • give special gifts, such as particular belongings